Are you concerned about your infant’s development?

Baby Builders is a Developmental baby exercise program for your infant.

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      Aileen Mccabe-Maucher

Baby Builders exists to help you be proactive in your child's development!


What are other professionals and parents saying about Baby Builders?

“. . . This is exactly what every parent of a high-risk baby needs. It’s a guide that enables parents to be proactive in working toward the goal of a healthy, happy baby.”

Edward E. Gustavson, M.D.
Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics
Chief of Developmental Pediatrics, Children’s Medical Center, Tulsa, Ok.

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You can help your Baby

Baby Builders is a developmental baby exercise program that teaches parents how to be proactive in their infant’s development. Parents work through four developmental stages that stimulate an infant’s motor and cognitive development from birth through tummy time and crawling until walking. The activities and techniques show how to make playtime constructive. As well, it educates parents on the progression of development and recommends toys that can enhance cognitive and motor development.

The Baby Builders program was designed to promote development of babies with special concerns (but is effective with all babies).


Household items and toys key to infant motor development

Sometimes the research just proves what ya know. Ya know? Researchers at the University of Texas-Arlington share with us that household toys and furniture can be keys to a child’s motor skill development. For example, the space between a sofa and a coffee table may be the space that the child first wants to cross. […]

Large Babies Means More Proactivity Necessary

Researchers continue to tell us that babies are getting bigger.  Bigger can sure be better.  But Bigger also means it’s better for you to be proactive in your infant’s development. Two things have to occur for a baby to move.  First, your baby’s brain has to tell his body to move.  Secondly, he has to […]

Siblings of Children with Autism

With the birth rate of children with autism rising to 1 in 45, the risk of children facing developmental delays continues to rise.  Interestingly, the research shows that the siblings of children with autism are at risk for developmental delays. If you have an older child with autism, and now an infant,  we encourage you […]

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Why Baby Builders Exercises Gets Results

Baby Builders infant development program is based primarily on the principles of movement systems balance (MSB) and postural control. Postural control muscles or CORE MUSCLES are those in the hips, tummy, neck and shoulders.

Weak postural control muscles are the primary problem with preterm infants, infants with Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy and other at-risk infants.

Postural control plays a HUGE role in a child’s life. Those muscles stabilize the trunk to allow for good coordinated movement of the arms, legs, head, jaw and even the eyes. Strong postural control muscles allow good hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills (pincer grasp, handwriting and handling of small objects), speech and swallowing, higher level motor skills (jumping, skipping, walking on a straight line, etc), and stabilization of the eyes for reading and learning.

The best time to strengthen postural control muscles is the first year. After the first year, it is MUCH more difficult — and often times impossible if the child has high muscle tone – to isolate and strengthen these muscles.   Without strong postural control muscles, a child will compensate for the lack of strength with abnormal movement patterns and “blocking” of joints to gain stability. This “blocking” significantly limits movement and coordination.

Baby Builders uses fun playtime activities to teach parents and caregivers how to strengthen an infant’s postural control muscles while stimulating his gross motor skill development.