Pediatric physical therapist, Jenna Zervas, and Kimberly Beach were discussing Kimberly’s six-month old daughter, Ashley Ruth, who was being treated for cerebral palsy. It was Kimberly who suggested Jenna create a series of exercise videos for her.

Inspired and curious, Jenna began noticing the large number of full-term, healthy babies whose gross motor skills were delayed. These infants were spending too much time in bouncers or swings and not enough time playing on the floor.

As she researched, friends began asking about exercises to insure their baby to be skilled and coordinated. The need and desire was present, yet parents were uneducated as to what proper exercise included.
 Baby Builders now features material in French and Spanish.

Proof of its developmental capabilities, Baby Builders is now used by:

  • Children’s Hospitals
  • WIC agencies
  • State’s Early Intervention Agencies
  • Child Development Corporations
  • Follow-up clinics
  • Families around the world.

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