Our Friends

These are our friends, but you’ll like them too!


Talking Child offers videos created by speech therapists to teach speech and language concepts.

»The WaterWay

Babies System
Waterwaybabies is an introduction to infant swimming that can be used at home. It is also a therapeutic modality for special needs infants used by therapists or parents.


StrollerFit Exercise features unique products and services that make moms fit, babies smile and friendships blossom.

»National Institute of Marriage
 Christian Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling programs at the National Institute of Marriage are designed for couples who are in crisis. Their unique format helps couples make significant progress in a very short time.

»Maternal and Child Health Coalition 
of Greater Kansas City

Maternal and Child Health Coalition promotes the health of mothers and children through community planning, education, advocacy and collaboration with organizations addressing infant mortality, immunization, childhood obesity, breastfeeding, and child safety.

»What to Expect

What to Expect is a Resource for expectant moms to understand what to expect in the days leading up to and delivering their child.

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