What Are People Saying About Baby Builders?

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Personal Testimonies

“Thank you for creating such an INCREDIBLE MIRACULOUS program! My five month old daughter has GERD and spends most of her life on a 30 incline. After only five days implementing your exercises my daughter has rolled from front to back AND back to front. In addition, she is able to raise her chest of off the floor while on her tummy (she could barely keep her head up last week)…”
-Aileen Mccabe-Maucher RN,MSW,LCSW

Angela used Baby Builders reactively with her first child,
“Grace was not technically developmentally delayed according to the pediatrician, but she was a little behind on gross motor skills: holding her head up, rolling over, crawling, cruising and walking. She wasn’t at the point of needing to see a pediatric physical therapist, but we wanted to do something to help her progress. The exercises gave me some direction instead of watching helplessly as she got more and more behind. I used them regularly and saw significant improvement.” . . .
…and proactively With Her Second Child.
“I’ve used the Baby Builders exercises with my youngest daughter, since she was 6 weeks old. It’s been a more proactive approach, and I’ve seen a world of difference. She is right on track with her developmental milestones.”

Grant made amazing progress with Baby Builders.
“I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how Grant is doing. It’s been a month since we got your DVD and book and WOW, I am so thrilled with Grant’s progress. I want to give credit where credit is due – YOU!!”

Baby Builders helped Yamonica bond with Christian.
“Not only was Baby Builders great exercise for Christian, it was fun; He really enjoyed it. Also, doing the exercises together also helped us bond as mother and son.”

Baby Builders helped Kirsten crawl and walk,
“My daughter was delayed in walking and in crawling. The video gave me exercises to strengthen her undeveloped muscles and added coordination. The exercises were really helpful.”

Baby Builders helped Gina gain mobility
“I loved the easy to follow directions on exercising my baby to help her build the right muscles to begin sitting up, crawling, pulling up, and eventually walking. . . I feel using Baby Builders helped us both during her first year of mobility.”

Amy and her daughter Blaeke loved it
“The Baby Builders instructional exercise video is such and innovative and creative way to exercise your baby. My daughter Blaeke and I loved it!”

Baby Builders helped Sawyer gain strength
“My 9 month old son was not bearing weight on his legs, but thanks to Baby Builders, he is already making progress – he is already starting to try to get up onto hands and knees. Thank you for the excellent resource – I am sure I will use it for any future babies, and will recommend it to friends.”

Vivien sees noticeable results from Baby Builders
“I have seen a definite improvement in my little guy . . . I am 100% happy with your product so THANK YOU SO MUCH for producing such a clear helpful guide.”

Professional Recommendations

“Jenna Zervas, MSPT, is a therapist with whom I have worked and known for over 5 years. She is not only knowledgeable, but also gifted in communication skills. Her years of experience working as a pediatric therapist enable her to speak with authority in her video, “Baby Builders.” The format is optimal and the developmental stages outlined reflect our best understanding. I say with confidence that infants will benefit through this instructional and educational format, because I have initiated some of my young mothers and their babies with it already.”
-Edward E. Gustavson, M.D
Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics
Chief of Developmental Pediatrics
Children’s Medical Center, Tulsa, Ok.

“I think it is an excellent tool and I am totally impressed with the professionalism with which Mrs. Zervas presents.”
-John Treischmann, M.D.
Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics
Medical Director, Stepping Stone Developmental & Behavioral Clinic
Hot Springs, Ar.

“Research continues to show us that infancy is a critical time for brain development. Using Baby Builders for physical development (strength, balance, motor skills) is a great way to stimulate cognitive development.”
-Scott Sticksel, Psy.D,
Amarillo, Tx.

“Baby Builders is an exciting product that educates and informs parents. When the techniques and skills of Baby Builders are applied, parents can impact their child’s mental, physical, and emotional development!”
-Peter Larson, Ph.D., LPC
President, Life Innovations
Minneapolis, Mn.

“The Baby Builders program was recently introduced to the Kansas City Healthy Start program participants. Not only did the program motivate the parent to exercise their babies, but also inspired the parent to be more conscious of the benefits of exercise for their own health and well-being. I highly recommend this program!”
-Jean Craig, Ph.D.
Project Director, Kansas City Health Start
Kansas, City, MO.

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