High Risk Preemies Need Core Muscle Strength

Training audiences are frequently startled when I share research on the need for high-risk preemies to have strong tummies, necks, shoulders and hips. Goyen and Lui did a study on high risk premature infants who looked “apparently normal” at 12 months. However, these infants had hidden weaknesses. At 5 years of age,

• 71% had fine motor deficits
• 81% had gross motor deficits

These are infants who looked normal at 12 months! High risk preemies may be able to perform tasks such as sitting, walking, and crawling, but often their quality of movement is poor. Poor movement quality at 12 months often shows itself later in skills such as skipping, jumping and standing on one foot. They need their tummies, neck, shoulder and hips strong!

Don’t stop building strength with your preemie. It is critical that high-risk preemies are consistently working on their core muscle strength.

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