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Say it Ain’t so: Motor Skill Development affects Speech?

Research continues to tell us that motor skill development in infancy is really the cornerstone to all other development.  For example, let’s look at speech. If a child has a weak trunk and neck, does it affect their speech?  You bet it does.  Just like the old, children’s song about all the bones being connected, […]

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What is a Container Baby?

We train professionals all over the country on motor skill development of infants. One participant referred to the children she worked with as “Container” Babies. Container babies are children who spend a majority of their days in bouncers, car seats, swings, exersaucers, etc. . . Devices such as this are great . . . in […]

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Tummy Time: 90 Minutes Per Day

Tummy Time is the most important exercise you can do with your child.  Our focus is on birth to walking infants, but it is helpful for all ages.  The value of Tummy Time is the muscle training it provides for baby’s neck, hips, shoulders and tummy. One of my favorite references for research on Tummy […]

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