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Bigger Babies Means Babies Need To Be Stronger

Researchers show us that babies are getting bigger.  However, Bigger Babies need to be stronger. More strength is better for your baby’s development. Two things have to occur for a baby to move.  First, your baby’s brain has to tell his body to move.  Secondly, he has to have the muscle strength to pull that off.  What […]

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What is Baby Builders?

Baby Builders is a baby exercise program that teaches parents how to be proactive in their infant’s development. Parents work through four developmental stages that stimulate a baby’s motor and cognitive development from birth through tummy time and crawling until walking. The exercises and techniques show how to make playtime constructive. As well, it educates […]

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Why Baby Builders Exercises Gets Results

Baby Builders infant development program is based primarily on the principles of movement systems balance (MSB) and postural control. Postural control muscles or CORE MUSCLES are those in the hips, tummy, neck and shoulders. Weak postural control muscles are the primary problem with preterm infants, infants with Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy and other at-risk infants. […]

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Do you want to be proactive in your infant’s development? Do you want to improve your baby’s motor skills? Is your baby at-risk for developmental delays? Baby Builders is a Developmental Baby Exercise Program for: Strength, balance, coordination (Motor Skills) Infant’s development physically, cognitively, emotionally The prevention of delayed infant development

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Homepage Welcome

Every parent wants to know their baby is thriving. The caring experts at Baby Builders guide you on a path to ensure your baby’s development. We show you ways to be involved with your baby’s growth and have peace of mind that your baby is okay.

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What are other professionals and parents saying about Baby Builders?

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Developmental Research and Baby Exercise

Do you know that infant exercise: stimulates mental development, enhances the ability to learn and can even help avoid developmental delays?

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See our Infant Development Milestones

Baby Builders’ Developmental Milestones show you typical infant development in each month of baby’s first year.

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Improve your baby’s strength, balance, coordination (motor skills)

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Ensure your child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development

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