A Tummy Time Timer

Does your child or the children you work with despise tummy time?  Like you, I’ve worked with children that in no words say, “No way, Jose!  I will not get on my tummy!”

Recently in a training, an OT encouraged all of us to use a timer and verbal cues to train the child to tolerate tummy time.  Her suggestions were terrific:

  • Set a timer for a short amount of time – say 10 seconds.
  • Place the baby on his tummy in proper tummy time position. (see this link to see our book and video on how to do tummy time best.)
  • Once the timer goes off, immediately grab the child and give him verbal cues such as, “Tummy time is over.”
  • Repeat the process, gradually increasing time.

The verbal cues train the child to understand that there is an end to what they think is a despicable thing called “Tummy Time.”  It is a little bit like Pavlov’s dog.
Once the baby gets stronger, they won’t have to “tolerate” tummy time, they will be strong enough to enjoy it.  The timer and verbal cues set the stage for success for you and strength for the child with which you are working.

Give it a shot.  Let us know how it goes.  We hope you will be wildly successful!

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