The Link Between Early Eye Contact and Autism

Pay Attention to Eye Contact early in your infant’s life.  It may reveal a link to autism.


Research from the National Institute of Health and from Emory Health Sciences continue to show that eye tracking is a key to the diagnosis of autism in infants.


“The researchers followed babies from birth until 3 years of age, using eye-tracking technology, to measure the way infants look at and respond to social cues. Infants later diagnosed with autism showed declining attention to the eyes of other people, from the age of 2 months onwards.”


As you interact with your infant, continue to pay keen attention to their eye contact.  May we encourage you to get down on the floor, interact and play with your infant.  Use Baby Builders to build your child’s core strength and build a foundation for later motor skill achievement.


Emory Health Sciences. “New study identifies signs of autism in the first months of life.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 6 November 2013.

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