Virtual and In-Person Training

Baby Builders offers training to organizations involved in child development. The program has proven to be very beneficial for the recipients.

“I have been with ECI for 12 years and worked as an RN for 30 years. This was one of the most beneficial trainings I have ever had. ”
Elaine Ryden, RN
West Texas Centers

“Thank you for the enriching opportunity to learn so much in one morning at Baby Builders training. This training will be put to use throughout Arkansas, because we will be using the materials with our staff. . . Is there a chance that you will be offering repeats of this workshop? As we get the word out, others are interested.”
Denise Pendergist, MS,
Kids First, Developmental Services Manager
(of the University of Arkansas Medical School)

Who should attend Baby Builders’ training?

Speech Therapists, Child life specialist, early interventionists, P.T.’s, O.T.’s, and anyone working in the area of infant development. Organizations implementing Baby Builders into their care for families would also greatly benefit from the training. And, participants typically receive continuing education credits.

What does the training entail:

Training is tailored to fit the needs of your organization! Typical training is designed to empower participants to care for infants at risk for developmental delays.

Our Training:

  • features literature updates in infant development and care;
  • teaches recognition of abnormal development;
  • provides instruction in gross and fine motor skill stimulation for infants with developmental delays; and much more.

Most presentations include hands-on work with infants and/or dolls and training on the implementation of Baby Builders’ infant exercise program.

“. . . thank you for the great training that you provided to my staff and community participants. The staff stated that the training was so informative and really taught them how they can assist their clients with helping their babies build stronger bodies and minds.”
LaWanna D. Porter, MHR, Program Coordinator Central Oklahoma Healthy Start Initiative

Why would my company need your training?

Baby Builders is helping organizations working with infants to educate their staff so they better can serve families with children at risk. With tightening budgets, therapists often are needed to work outside their area of specialty. Our training provides helpful insights and instruction into motor skill development and stimulation.

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