Early Intervention — Online Tools

Part C offices and providers across the U.S. are using Baby Builders to help build health in children facing developmental delays.

Like you, Baby Builders believes every baby deserves to thrive.

Too many children are not receiving the care they need and deserve. That’s why we created this online solution to enable practitioners to offer an affordable, easy-to-use, in-home therapy solution.

“In Wyoming we have found Baby Builders . . . very useful with both English and Spanish speaking families. Baby Builders is a great resource for parents.”
Christine Demers, Part C Coordinator
Wyoming Department of Health
Cheyenne, Wy.

This family-centered resource empowers families to reach their desired health outcomes in their natural environment by:

Maximizing Therapist’s Time

Baby Builders helps Maximize therapist’s time by providing a visual tool to safely instruct families not seen as often as the therapist would like. (i.e. where there is a shortage of therapists)

“. . . There are several rural areas in our district where regular direct services from a physical therapist just can’t happen due to lack of providers. . . Our special instructors can easily implement and support the Baby Builders program with families. . .”
Scottie Worthington, Ed.S.
Early Intervention Coordinator
Rome Ga.

Empowering Interventionists and Primary Service Providers

Baby Builders empowers interventionists and primary service providers with tools for motor skill instruction. Baby Builders allows families to better understand and comply with their home exercise program.

“My staff has found the Baby Builders program very useful in helping families . . . The families have really responded positively to having both the book and DVD to help them in between visits.”
Peggy McGrane, Director (ret.)
ECI Keep Pace (Harris County Dept. of Education)
Houston, Tx.

Helping Families

Baby Builders provides families with proven activities that focus on treating the core problems of high risk infants: weak postural control muscles and poor coordination.

“This material is outstanding and shows easy to follow, step by step, instructions. This is exactly what every parent of a high-risk baby needs. It’s a guide that enables parents to be proactive in working toward the goal of a healthy, happy baby.”
E.E. Gustavson, M.D., F.A.A.P
Chief of Developmental Pediatrics
Children’s Medical Center, Tulsa, OK.

Bridging Barriers

Baby Builders helps bridge language barriers for English speaking therapists with Hispanic families. (French versions available as well).

Baby Builders Benefits Early Intervention Programs

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