Baby Builders and the Hospital NICU

Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU’s) are incorporating Baby Builders as a part of their care both in the NICU and educating parents to begin exercising the day of discharge.  This often helps families bridge the gap from hospital therapy to continuing therapy.

“Baby Builders has been a great tool to provide parents of patients that have been in our NICU to have the confidence with working with their child.  Having the DVD in Spanish has been especially helpful for our Spanish speaking families.”
Beth McKitrick-Bandy, PT, PCS, MBA
Director, Rehabilitation Services
Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Baby Builders founder Jenna Zervas, MSPT, pioneered a motor therapy program in St. John’s (Tulsa) Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  The same exercises are now being used across the U.S. with the Baby Builders program.

Pediatric Physical Therapy and NICU

One children’s hospital’s protocol includes educating parents about Baby Builders early in their child’s NICU stay.  Early familiarity with Baby Builders’ is important before many other responsibilities begin at their infant’s discharge.

Then during the child’s last night in the facility, while the parents are rooming in with their child, the Baby Builders material is reviewed.

Parents of preemies need to understand that developmental exercises doesn’t end with the discharge from the NICU, but are beginning at home.

This allows parents to:
•    Have a better understanding of what is most beneficial for the child upon discharge
•    Begin appropriate exercises immediately upon discharge from the Hospital’s NICU.

“Baby Builders is an excellent home-based tool for parents of premature infants to be proactive in their preemies motor and cognitive skill development.”
Terrance J. Zuerlein, M.D.,
Medical Director Intensive Care Nursery
St. Vincent’s Doctor’s Hospital.

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