Baby Builders On-Line (Book PDF’s and Streaming Video)

Baby Builders Developmental Package ON-LINE

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Baby Builders ON-LINE package provides on-line streaming of Baby Builders material for exercise, play, and bonding with your baby! Enjoy fun, detailed VIDEO instruction by Jenna Zervas, MSPT. Also Baby Builders’ PDF’s on-line feature: the purpose of each exercise, detailed “how-to” instruction, correction for undesired movement, and photos. Benefits all babies birth to walking.

(Please note:  Are you wanting to help your child, but need assistance financially?  Scholarships are available.  Please contact us for more information about how we may help you.)

Baby Builders Basics (DVD’s and Books)

Baby Builders® Child Development DVD
$49.95 (DVD ENGLISH/

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Your baby can grow stronger in body and mind by playing with you! BABY BUILDERS DVD combines fun playtime activities with skills that build strength, balance, coordination, and increase mental and emotional development for years to come. Developed by pediatric physical therapist Jenna Zervas, MSPT, BABY BUILDERS infant exercise program benefits all babies from birth to walking. (DVD is in ENGLISH/ESPANOL)

Baby Builders Developmental Package $97.95 (DVD and Book)

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A special package to help you exercise, play with, and bond with your baby! Enjoy fun, detailed video instruction by Jenna Zervas, MSPT, in Baby Builders DVD (ENGLISH AND ESPANOL). Complement the DVD with the Baby Builders book (ENGLISH) featuring: the purpose of each exercise, detailed “how-to” instruction, correction for undesired movement, photos, and developmental milestones. Receive additional insight into your child’s development with this developmental package! Benefits all babies birth to walking.

Baby Builders® DVD de Desarrollo de Niño $49.95 (DVD ESPAÑOL)

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Su bebé puede crecer más fuerte en el cuerpo y la mente jugando con usted! Baby Builders DVD combinan las actividades divertidas de tiempo de juego con las habilidades que construyen la fuerza, el equilibrio, coordinación y aumentan el desarrollo mental y emocional por años para venir. Desarrollado por fisioterapeuta pediátrico Jenna Zervas, MSPT, el programa del ejercicio de niño de Baby Builders beneficia a todos bebés del nacimiento a andar. (DVD contiene Inglés y Español)

Baby Builders® BOOK Exercises de gymnastique pour des bebes plus forts en meillure sante.$ 49.95 (Livre en français)

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Bébé Builders livre en français caractéristiques des quatre sections du programme Bébé Constructeurs ‘en quatre livrets individuels. Chaque livrets contient: le but de chaque exercice, détaillé “comment faire” l’instruction, de correction pour tout mouvement intempestif, et des photos.

Baby Builders Downloadables

Baby Builders Growth Chart $7.99 (Download Only)

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Customized with your baby’s name, the chart tracks age, weight, and length for baby’s first year. This page available by on-line download only.

Provider Resources

Baby Builders Infant Evaluation Forms
25 Two-sided sheets –$49 (For organizations involved in child development)

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Baby Builders infant evaluation form empowers your team to evaluate the development of infants. This two-page form provides guidelines for both subjective and objective assessment. A detailed subjective assessment walks staff members through in-depth parental interactions. Observation guidelines allow staff to note possible developmental delays.


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