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Protected: Arkansas 2020 First Steps

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A Tummy Time Timer

Does your child or the children you work with despise tummy time?  Like you, I’ve worked with children that in no words say, “No way, Jose!  I will not get on my tummy!” Recently in a training, an OT encouraged all of us to use a timer and verbal cues to train the child to […]

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The Link Between Early Eye Contact and Autism

Pay Attention to Eye Contact early in your infant’s life.  It may reveal a link to autism.   Research from the National Institute of Health and from Emory Health Sciences continue to show that eye tracking is a key to the diagnosis of autism in infants.   “The researchers followed babies from birth until 3 […]

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Household items and toys key to infant motor development

Sometimes the research just proves what ya know. Ya know? Researchers at the University of Texas-Arlington share with us that household toys and furniture can be keys to a child’s motor skill development. For example, the space between a sofa and a coffee table may be the space that the child first wants to cross. […]

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Bigger Babies Means Babies Need To Be Stronger

Researchers show us that babies are getting bigger. However, Bigger Babies need to be stronger. More strength is better for your baby’s development.

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Siblings of Children with Autism

With the birth rate of children with autism rising to 1 in 45, the risk of children facing developmental delays continues to rise.  Interestingly, the research shows that the siblings of children with autism are at risk for developmental delays. If you have an older child with autism, and now an infant,  we encourage you […]

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Infants and Autism

Research now tells us that 1 in 45 children is born with autism.  The rate continues to grow.   Most children are diagnosed with autism around the age of 2.  Yet there are precursors to autism. Children with autism will often begin to display signs of autism through developmental delays.  Children with autism will often display […]

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Baby Builder Founder Featured

Baby Builders founder, Jenna Zervas, MSPT, was recently featured in an article about infant development. You can see that article here.

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High Risk Preemies Need Core Muscle Strength

Training audiences are frequently startled when I share research on the need for high-risk preemies to have strong tummies, necks, shoulders and hips. Goyen and Lui did a study on high risk premature infants who looked “apparently normal” at 12 months. However, these infants had hidden weaknesses. At 5 years of age, • 71% had […]

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Work up to 20-30 minutes a day of infant activities

My husband just played the role of weekend warrior. Playing our son’s soccer team was fun for him, but now he’s feeling the pain. There was no preparation for the event, no training and certainly not a systematic build-up of time exercising. As you begin exercising your child, remember they too need to work up […]

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